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The right answers to commonly asked questions relating to air duct cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Why should I try out air quality testing?

To begin with, you must take into account the fact that air quality testing is an innovative method meant to detect any contaminants in your indoor air. In that event, you will know if your HVAC system needs to be either cleaned or repaired.

Can I fix my faulty HVAC unit by myself?

Under no circumstances should you try to repair your HVAC unit by yourself. Its components are under high tension and an inexperienced person may get electrocuted. In that event, you can ask specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Santa Clarita for professional assistance.

Will air duct maintenance make a difference?

Air duct maintenance is far more important than what you might suspect. Our specialists insist that good inspections, immediate air duct cleaning and surely repairs will keep your air quality in high standards and your energy bills in lower levels. It's certainly a motive!

Why do condenser unit coils get bent?

There are different causes and you can actually prevent most of them. If you clean your yard more often, you will minimize the risk of debris hitting and bending the coil fins. In general, it is best if there is clearance of two feet around the unit. When you mow the lawn, you have to ensure that the chute will not discharge grass in the direction of the coils. Washing the unit with a pressure washer is out of the question.

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