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Dirty air duct vents are the hardest to clean.

Follow these tips and see how they can work magic. If efficient air duct cleaning is what you are looking for, you should learn more tips here.

Check your HVAC unit’s connections

After a certain period of time, your HVAC unit’s connections may loosen. This will result in a significant increase in your energy bills. What is more, this problem can also lead to short-circuits. In addition to this, experts at Air Duct Cleaning Santa Clarita recommend a monthly visual inspection of your HVAC system’s connections.

Get rid of your noisy HVAC unit

This problem is usually caused by a blocked air filter which increases the sound level. During which time, mold, dirt and dust are collected in this device. That is the main reason why a monthly air filter cleaning is highly recommended.

Repair air duct cracks

Ducts get damaged over time, especially when they are made of flex materials. Duct cracks will lead to air loss. You will pay more for energy bills and not all rooms will have the right temperature, as our specialists explain. Since air ducts are installed in attics and basements, humidity will grow inside the duct, leading to mold. You will need air duct seal repair to fix the cracks.

Signs that your air ducts are clogged

It is not uncommon for air ducts to become clogged. If you see dust, dirt, or debris blowing out of your air ducts after you have cleaned the registers, or if your system suddenly isn’t heating or cooling properly, you may have a clogged air duct. First, check for any obvious clogs by removing the registers and taking a look inside the ducts. If you can’t locate a source of the clog just by looking, consider consulting a professional.

Opt for air duct insulation that dries quickly

The insulation should not hold water. Otherwise, it will get damaged over time. Mold can also grow inside it. As a result, the material will be completely destroyed even more quickly. Poor insulation will lead to lower energy efficiency of the HVAC system. Furthermore, if there are any air duct leaks, mold can get inside the system and contaminate it.

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