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Why Have Your Commercial Air Duct Cleaned

12/18/2016 Back To Blog

Air ducts used within commercial properties can serve an integral purpose in your business. The last thing you want is to allow a device that is supposed to be helping to reverse its role and have a negative impact on your environment and activity. Here is a collection of the most important reasons to ensure your air duct is expertly cleaned and maintained.Why Have Your Commercial Air Duct Cleaned

Smells and Odors

As air ducts age they inevitably collect dirt from the environment around them. The device creates warmth, and can often be positioned in areas where there is moisture in the air. This can lead to fermentation and bacteria growth. One of the most unpleasant and disturbing impacts an old air duct can have is to fill your office or working environment with a strong odor. Even a mild odor can be really off putting to associates, guest and customers. Having a good air duct cleaning service from a professional will ensure your duct remains clear of such risks. 

Duct Replacement

Just like all machinery, degradation is enhanced when there is a lack of proper maintenance. The less you look after a device, the faster it is likely to break down. Having an industrial duct cleaning can help to maintain the condition of your heavy duty ducts and prevent the crippling expense of needing to have the entire duct system replaced. Commercial duct cleaning and servicing can be a far more affordable way to rejuvenate the condition of your equipment. 

Ductwork Sweating

If you notice this symptom, it could mean your duct is collecting condensation. If you allow your duct continue collecting excessive condensation, it could lead to rapid mold growth and spreading and possibly eventual motor failure. Repairing air duct motors and internal parts is possible but the working life of a duct system can certainly be prolonged with regular cleaning.

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